Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer fun with kids!

With summer in full swing, some of us may like some help with ideas for the kids that will give them fun experiences and positive lessons as well. One such idea is the good old-fashioned lemonade stand with a bit of a twist. Have the kids think ahead of time a charity they would like to raise money for and explain the idea that they can use part of the profits they make to send to this charity or buy things the charity could use. If the kids make a sign advertising that they are doing this, it will help increase sales and profits! The kids can also make some baked goods to sell along with the lemonade, or make some crafts to sell at their stand. The kids will learn some good money management as well as a sense of community and giving to others, and have a good time doing it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Break

Only two days left of school and my second graders go on to third grade, ready or not! It has been like raising 25 children-joyful times, learning times, sad times, and funny times. I've learned as much from them, I think, as they have from me. I hope that they have learned more from me than just academics: kindness, compassion, humor, helpfulness, and strength. I hope they have seen God in me through my actions and words. If I have positively touched these children, and that is what they take with them, then I have done my job.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Small Town Celebrations

There's nothing like a country celebration, put on by a small town, to kick off the beginning of summer! I drove down the road a bit to Leona Valley for their annual Cherry Festival, which they have every June. Although the theme is all about cherries, last year the farms were out before the festival began due to the drought! This year was a different story, the cherry farms started selling a few weeks before the festival and cherries were in plentiful supply! The drought isn't over but at least water levels are up and things are beginning to return to normal. The Cherry Festival itself began with cowgirls and pageant queens from all over the valley on horseback and in wagons. There were young and old alike on fancy cars and classic vehicles, all decorated to the hilt. Of course you can't have a parade without a marching band and music of some sort, and Leona Valley did not disappoint. There were even several groups of caballeros on beautiful prancing horses! Bringing up the rear were fire engines, forest service trucks, and a couple of police vehicles, all with lights and sirens running for the enjoyment of the little ones. Vendor booths, live bands, and barbecues were the main attractions after the parade. The day began getting hotter by the hour so I left before totally wilting! It was a fun way to start my weekend, as well as the summer

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Endings and Beginnings

As another school year comes to an end, our classrooms are busy with end-of-the-year projects, assessments, conferences, and the realization of one part of our lives coming to a close as a new part begins. Summer brings a freshness of sweeping out the clutter and the old as it prepares us to relax for a bit and re-evaluate the past year; organize and make a plan for the new coming year. Many people set goals in January for the new year, teachers set their goals in the summer! We refresh ourselves and take part in activities we missed out on during the busy school year, spend more time with family and friends, maybe begin new hobbies or enjoy traveling during our short time off! One of my goals will be to finish writing, and getting published, the second book in my '50 Things...' series. It has been exciting this past month, watching the launch of my first book take off. I look forward to it getting into the hands of families in which it can really help improve the relationships between the kids and their parents.