Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Highlights

At the end of July every year, our extended family gets together along with me and my family for a big family reunion. Usually there are about 50 people that show up! We met at Mission Bay and had a great time! It was fun to spend time talking with everyone, playing games, and of course, eating! It is a happy time but also a bit of sadness as we remember those that are no longer with us. My dad passed a couple of years ago, an uncle just last year. More are joining the family-two weddings last year and another on the way this year! As summer comes to a close, School preparations begin. Kids go back in a few weeks so we will begin working in our rooms next week. I hate to see summer end but I'm excited about what the new school year will bring.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The last four days have been given over to checking for updates on the fire that is closest to us-the Sand Fire. I figured the acreage it is burning daily that it could reach us in 2-3 days if the wind continued to blow north. My son and I are prepared and still praying for those who are affected by it right now and have had to evacuate. We are also praying for the firefighters putting their lives on the line each day to try and save the homes and get the fire under control. After 4 days, it is still only 25% contained but God is good and has prevented a large amount of homes from being destroyed-only 18 and one life gone because they didn't want to evacuate. It is sad when people place possessions above their own lives. We are thankful for all the people helping the evacuees, the firemen, the Red Cross, and all the other volunteers giving time, space, etc. to those involved in these fires. THANK YOU!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Where is the love?

My son and I went into a nearby town after church today to run some errands and witnessed a man and woman in an SUV arguing with a man and woman on a motorcycle. Don't know what it was about but both parties were very upset. The woman on the motorcycle kept trying to hold her back the man in front of her as he was being continually baited by the car people. Finally the light changed and they all rode ahead but it was not over yet. We were 2 cars back and watched as both vehicles turned the corner and the SUV pulled ahead. The motorcyclists were keeping back but caught up at the next light where the SUV happened to be stopped at the light. We were all waiting to turn into the mall parking lot. My son and I happened to pull up beside the SUV and less than a minute later, the man in the SUV shook his head and climbed out of his truck, opened the back door and pulled out a bat! I couldn't believe it!! He started back toward the motorcycle couple and people started honking their horn at him. The man on the motorcycle started to get off the motorcycle and tripped and fell. At that point, I'm starting to call 911 and my son jumped out of the car and went back aways and called out to the guy to calm down. The guy actually listened and people were still honking at him. He turned toward my son and said that they were following him. My son shook his head no and started back to our car as he saw the man change his mind and return to his car without any other incident. I hung up and proceeded to drive as the light had changed. As far as we know, there were no other problems but that was crazy. I don't know how it all started but people need to chill. Human life is too important.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Childhood memories

I have been enjoying revisiting my childhood days at times this summer: having breakfast on the patio while watching the pine trees sway in the morning breeze, taking time to leisurely read a book in the afternoon, and making homemade ice cream! Sometimes it's nice to just relax and do impulsive things that you like to do! The weather has been cooler at night and in the morning, so that's been a relief. My second book is in pre-production and I can hardly wait until it comes out. Look for 50 Things Your Parents Want You To Know, coming out in late September! It is the sequel to 50 Things Your Kids DON'T Want To Tell You, which came out last April and is available on the Kindle, at, and Barnes & (

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mid-summer thoughts

As the first week of July comes to an end, thoughts of school starting back in a month creep in and I begin feeling the pull to look over curriculum, center materials, and ideas for plan books. I have that nesting urge to organize, clean, and create my plans for the next group of incoming students. I'll be teaching third grade this year so I will have many of my returning students. It will be nice to see them again and know that I'm a step ahead by knowing where they are academically as well as personally. This is almost like spring, a new beginning.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


I've been reflecting lately on the things I'm grateful for, even though I do that everyday, these blessings are bigger and ones that are close to my heart for different reasons. One of the things is that I live in a country founded on God's love and promises and I know He is in control no matter what. I am really grateful for that. I'm grateful that I have the family I do and that we love each other and get to spend a lot of time with each other. I'm grateful for my health so I can enjoy doing the things I love. I'm grateful for my Savior and that I get to serve Him in many ways. I'm blessed to also have the friends that I do. As we celebrate our nation's birthday tomorrow, I'm overjoyed to be able to celebrate these blessings that fill me with love each and everyday.