Saturday, January 7, 2017

What's been happening

I can't believe we're almost halfway through January already! It seems like Christmas was just last week! The years have been seeming like they're only 6 months long. My kids say the same thing. I think it has to do with how busy we keep ourselves, it makes the time seem to go by faster. I hadn't posted for awhile as I was on a two week cruise to Hawaii over Thanksgiving with some of my family, then it was a rush to get ready for a mountain trip for my birthday, and then Christmas 10 days later and I was hosting! What was I just saying about keeping busy? It sure made the holidays go by quick!!! I like to plan some things but I also enjoy being spontaneous at times. This time of year is always a time of reflection and goal-setting for a lot of people. I like to look back and reflect on what went well and what didn't, then see what I can do differently in the coming year. I know I want to give more, in time and money; I want to devote more time to marketing my books; I want to spend even more quality time with my kids and grandson, not just around the house but in doing experiences with them-crafting, camping, taking trips, etc. This year, though I can't control everything, I feel is going to be life-changing in a positive way. I am looking forward to it! Happy New Year everyone!