Saturday, February 18, 2017


After all the rain California has received this winter, especially the last couple of months, I don't think we have to worry about being in a drought anymore! Someone told me we broke history records with these storms and the rain level. I believe it! I always believed in the importance of being prepared, too, for anything. In this case, sometimes back-to-back storms. I made sure the gas tank was full, we had plenty of groceries and water jugs, and dog necessities. Also, I made sure we had bath tissue, trash bags, and any other household items that might have been necessary. Any bills that needed to be paid, bank runs, and any other errands were done before the storm hit. It is dangerous to be out in a storm, especially bad ones. This one that hit yesterday caused flooding within the first few hours after it started! It was all I could do to drive home! Lanes were flooded and had to be bypassed, stores were putting up sandbags by the sidewalks, and visibility was not the best. We made it through and the storm only lasted until night, not the two-day storm they thought it would be, thank God. Now we'll enjoy the few nice days before the next one comes sometime this week!

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