Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Seasons

We are entering the third month, here in Southern California, of the hottest summer I can ever remember! There was no June gloom, just an average of 90-100 degree weather most everyday. As Fall slowly approaches, we look forward to blessings of slight dips in temperature and the teasing cool breezes of the changing seasons. Our lives undergo changes in seasons sometimes as well. I continue to teach and write, but am now looking forward to taking on a new 'hat' as a small biodynamic farmer. It has been a dream of mine for awhile to have a farmhouse in the country where I can grow a lot of my own food and maybe raise some livestock. I recently applied for a small farm loan and will hear back in a couple of weeks. I'm praying that this will be my time, that I will soon see another dream of mine come true. Here is a picture of the farmhouse my son and I are hoping to get:
In my next post, I will include a picture or two of the land we want to put our home on. These next two weeks are going to be the longest two weeks I've ever gone through😊


  1. How exciting for you! May God give you favor in getting that loan.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for visiting my blog:)